Abbots Model Engineering.


Unit D7

Haybrook Ind Est

Halesfield 9





01952 879 607




VAT No: 187 9441 55


Showroom / Shop hours.


Monday to Friday

9.00am to 4.30pm


Closed Saturday & Sundays.

(collections & pre-arranged appointments only)


Satnav postcode: TF7 4QW




We have been working all over Christmas to have a good "spring clean"out. (one to use a better word)

Old cupboards, old tools, old machines and long lost old parts have ALL gone in the skip,

To make way for new storage, new machines and ofcause new stock.

Looking forward to 2018, Happy new year to you all,      Pete



Building work on interior walls, now finished.

New low level "work bench" lighting is almost complete all around the factory.



After 2 years in the new factory, we are finally finishing the stud walling at the back end of the unit.



A huge thank you to all the members of the Coate Water Miniature Railway. Our 1st A.M.E. rally was a fantastic success.



We are now working on some 7.1/4" gauge class 66s as well as 5" gauge 10 x 66s, 5 x 59s & 5 x 66s (5 door)

Place your order now, should be ready within 4 to 5 weeks.



Ready for customer, Custom build 7.1/4" gauge, 3ft braked driving truck painted to customers colour.



New MKI chassis / under frames ready to build now.

Class 66 / 59 bodies progressing well.

and a new "Project Build" set of locomotives coming soon.



"Brand new this week"

All in-one, MKI chassis / under frame for 5" & 7.1/4" gauge coaches

Powder coated laser-cut steel.

(pictures to follow)



We are now working on the following class 66s & 59s in 5" and 7.1/4" gauges.









We have now started the next batch of 20 class 66s & 10 class 59s,

Some that have been ordered will be pushed through within the next 6 weeks the rest will follow on after.

If you would like one to run this summer, place your order now.



Next week we will be starting on the next batch of 5" gauge class 66s and a limited number of 59s.

All customers waiting for there "Saturn" locomotives, they all should be ready within the next 2 weeks.



A very good show at Doncaster, Thank you to all.



Updated picture of our Colas rail class 67 now complete.




Class 67 body now ready.




New Colas rail class 67 will be ready next week, ready for the Doncaster show.

(pictures to follow)



Looking forward to running our "Belmond 66" this Easter weekend with six MKI coaches at our local club track within the Telford steam railway.




We have now had a 5" gauge SATURN 4 powder coated in Crimson & Cream livery.

The 7.1/4" gauge SATURN steel bodies should be arriving on Friday.




We should have a powder coated steal body Saturn 3 for you this week, painted blue.

Plenty of other colours to choose from ofcause.

We have add some new parts to it and the window frames are still to come.


We also should have the 7.1/4" gauge class 66s ready just before Easter. (well thats the plan)



Pictures below show the new bigger "Saturn 2" chassis (2 motor) & the new chassis for the "Saturn 4" (4 motor).


Well, "what can I say"

Our new class 59 as gone down a storm and we are very pleased with our new range of steel bodied "Saturn" locomotives, in both 5" and 7.1/4" gauges.

We will ofcause have some painted ones for you to see shortly.

if you would like more info on them, please phone us on 01952 879607


Next week, we will be starting on the next batch of 7.1/4" gauge class 66s.

If you would like one to run THIS summer, place your orders now.



New Class 59 in "EWS" and "NATIONAL POWER" Livery coming next week.

and thats not all, Watch this space over the next 2 to 3 weeks.



5" gauge 66 and 67s ordered will be ready next week.

Next batch of Jupiter locomotives added to the shop page.


Please enjoy our new mobile friendly website.


Ready for collecting are 3 class 66s in Belmond, Colas & GBRf liveries and a picture of 15 Jupiter 2,3 & 4 bodies ready for top coat colour.


Colas rail


Jupiter 2,3 & 4


"Good News" All Class 66s ordered at the Midlands show will be ready end of next week.


We now make to order full size steel TOTEMS 16g powder coated black with your choice of colour vinyl face. £95 each.


We have now updated ALL of our truck & coach roof sections to a nice neat curve in both gauges,

this is a lot better looking and more fitting for our trucks & coaches.

From this              (45 degree cut)

To this            (Nice smooth curve)


"All New" curved shaped truck, coach roof as standard from now on.


A big thank you to all our new & existing customers, who came to see us at the Midlands show last week "and what a fantastic show it was".

We have now booked for the London show at the "Ally Pally" First time for us at this one.

We are now finishing off this batch of 5" gauge class 66s, don`t miss out we only have 2 left

Over the winter we will be making:

12 Jupiter 2

12 Jupiter 3

12 Jupiter 4

6 class 66 7 1/4"gauge

6 5"gauge class 67

5" & 7 1/4"gauge MKI coaches as well as on going Driving trucks.

And "Breaking News" a new truck / coach curved seat roof on its way (a lot better looking, at last)

Just one more note, Well done to Colin who worked flat out at set up, during & breakdown at the Midlands show. "you can have next weekend off"


We are now taking orders for this batch of 5" gauge class 66s.

Don`t miss out.


Had a great week off, at last, Down at the camping coaches in Dawlish Warren.

The rest of the team have been or they say they have been working hard last week in readyness for the 5" gauge 66s build.


I know, its been a while since I last updated this blog.

All the team have been flat out on the 7.25" gauge class 66s and driving trucks & coaches inbetween.

They are now all finished and the benches are now ready for the next big build:

12 x 5" gauge class 66s

5 x Jupiter 2s

10 x Jupiter 3s

5 x Jupiter 4s

and of cause driving trucks & coaches etc.

No time for a holiday then.



Just got back from the Doncaster show, What can I say,

Great show

Good place

Good town.


At last, we now have our Facebook site up & running.

Working our way through these 7.25" class 66s, Driving trucks and some 5"g Locos at the same time.

It as never been so busy.


Thank you to all our customers from the Spalding show,

Looking forward to next years show.

Good look to the new owners of College Engineering Supply.


New Facebook page link coming soon, Thanks to Colin, our Facebook expert.


2 X COLAS RAIL FREIGHT delivered to the Strawberry line miniature railway.


All being well, we should finish all the 5" gauge class 66s within the next 4 working days.

We do now need to make a start on the 7.25" gauge class 66s,

If you would like one for this June 2016, then nows your chance.


Don`t time fly when your having fun.

Well what I mean is when your up to your neck in work taking 1 step forward & 6 back.

No its not quite that bad, just feels like it sometimes.

after pulling all the tendends in my wrist, we was running about 3 weeks behind plus they keep moving Easter, the wrong way, need more time to build not less.


I would like to welcome Colin on board, As an all round engineer Colin is a great asset to the company full of great ideas.


We are now three parts the way through the build of 16 5" gauge class 66s and should be ready to start painting some of them a week on Monday, al being well.


Looking forward to the new Manchester show next week, See you there.


Will be at Mike Basses Birthday bash running this next weekend (weather permitting)


We will have in Jan 2016 5" gauge ready to go 5 Jupiter 2 (040) locos, 5 Jupiter 3 (060) locos and

5 Jupiter 4 (bogie) locos.

Ready in kit and will need to be painted to customers colours.

We would need 1 to 2 weeks notice to ready them.


As it been that long since my last entry.

This year as been a very bizzy year for us, We have re-engineered and re-designed a lot of our products, including laser parts, Raised trucks and our standard braking system, which is now fully ajustable.

All of this and trying to keep up with customers orders at the same time.

We have been in our new factory for 12 months now and at last its working very well for us.

"HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL" Happy running in 2016.


We will be closed on Friday 7th Aug and re-open on Monday 24th Aug.


At last we have made it to the end of a long, very long run of class 66s in both gauges.

Lots of late nights & weekends for the last three months.(will be glad to go on holiday)

The new factory is now working well, we have never made so many locomotives & trucks all at once.

We now start on the next batch of locomotives ordered, Class 67s, Jupiters and 060 Shunters.

If you are interested in any of these, now is the time to talk to us.

We also have arriving the second batch of our "ORXS" sit-on locomotive with vent detail now as standard and a new seat with back rest. It is very comfortable.


All 5" gauge class 66s ordered should be ready for collection by end of next week.


Thank you to Mike Bass for a fantastic day at the Strawberry line miniature railway.

We were hauling passengers from 10am to 5pm with the "ORXS" loco, swapping drivers, the loco ran all day.


New Driving Trucks in Shop from Thursday 12th Feb.


New stock for showroom / shop coming on nicely.

To keep up with demand, we have a new member of staff starting this Monday.


The first week of production as gone very well in the NEW factory and as hoped, it is a lot faster.

We also need to crack on with some more trucks for the shop as over the Christmas period alot was sold, looking a little empty.


At last its done, it as taken two months, new factory looks great and should work well.

This should speed up production, from months to weeks.

Just one thing left, guess what,       Still waiting for BT to install the new phone lines.


A little more work to do over xmas holiday,

We will be back in production from Mon 5th Jan.


12 BT vans this week and still NO landline, What can I say.

Some electric should be connected tomorrow on the factory floor.


Factory update,

Still waiting for phone lines to be installed and electric to be conected.

1, Old unit at Stafford park now empty and we have to re paint it before handing keys back.

2, Bogie build & tool station now complete.

3-4, The locomotive & driving truck production lines are now in place.






The move itself as gone well from Stafford park to Halesfield, but still no electric conected on factory floor and to make things worse still no phone lines in yet.

This is what happens when we rely on computers all the time (Mr BT man and phone provider)

what happened to a good old fashoned visit.

Sorry to go on, but as you can tell I am not a happy chappy.


All the stock and machines have now been moved over to new factory.

Landlines go in tomorrow (new number).

We will need the rest of this week to put everything into place and atempt to finist the wiring to all machines.

New showroom/shop will open on time on Monday 15th Dec.

Production will restart on Monday 22nd Dec, I hope.


The big move started today.

Its not until you start to move, you realise how much there is.

It is going to take 7 days & nights to move it all I think.

Roll on Christmas day for a day off.


New showroom/shop now ready for products to go in.

All the internal walls are now finished.

Starting on the shop floor electrics Monday night.


At last, Starting to make some progress at the new factory.

After waiting about three weeks for the electric to be connected, the internal walls are going up.

As you can see, we still have no roof lighting or power sockets on the shop floor.

All the internal partitions should be complete this week and the electrics installed next week.

As the plan goes, we are running about two weeks behind.

I think our phone lines also go in next week, with a new number.


Please can I ask for your assistance

Mike Marshall a member of Hereford Model Engineering Society has contacted the Society to ask for members help in trying to trace a stolen locomotive

The loco a 7 1/4" gauge GWR Mogul 43xx series in course of construction was stolen from postcode DY12 between 8.30pm Saturday 1 November and 8.30am Sunday 2 November. It has never been steamed.

See the image

Mike who has been building this loco for 10 years would appreciate your vigilance should you receive any information.  Please can you also pass this information onto friends, colleagues & other contacts.

If you receive any information please contact me Nigel Musson at

Nigel Musson
M:0786 947 8635

Trade Liasion Officer - The 7 1/4" Gauge Society


The fitting out of the new factory will start next week.(out of hours) "great" no sleep for a month.



We can still be contacted on the works phone number at the Midlands show, 15th to 19th Oct.


All new rolling stock now ready for the Midlands show along with our brand new trade stand.


We will have at the Mildands show,  The most unique class 66 and MKI coach ever seen at any Model Engineering show.


Factory move will take place the last two weeks of  November, There will be NO production during this period.


We should be getting back up to speed with our orders this week now that the holiday period is over, also we have had staff off due to illness.


"NEW FACTORY" if all goes well we will be moving into our new 5000 sq ft factory just before or just after the Midlands show.

The plan is to take on more staff and to dramatically reduce waiting time for locomotives (down to days, not weeks) also to have "ready to run" locos on the shelf.

We will have a brand new stand at this years Midland show.


We will be closed from Tuesday 5th Aug and re-open on Monday 11th Aug.


Customers waiting for there 5" gauge class 66s, We are painting them this weekend.

All will be ready for collection by end of this month. I apologise for the delay, the problem as been lack of bench space.

This is one of the reasons we are looking to move into a 5000 sq ft factory asap.


Went to Coate water last Saturday, What a great day we had.

Thank you to all the members.


Thank you to Mike Bass for a fantastic summer gala weekend at the Strawberry line miniature railway.


At last I would like to welcome you all to our brand new website.

We hope you enjoy browsing and if you would like to send us some feed back on it, we would be most greatful. thank you.


I would like to thank our best mate John S for building and running A.M.Es old website for the last 9 years, its no walk in the park, thanks my mate.


Due to the high demand of our products, we are now looking to move from our unit into a     4,500 sq ft plus factory towards the back end of this year, well that`s the plan.


Welcome to our new website.

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