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Locomotive control, Sound control systems and Batteries.

We fit Mtroniks and 4QD controllers to our locomotives.


Mtroniks (A.M.E) hand set.


Remote control your locomotive with Mtroniks


Drive from anywhere on the train

(Ring for details)

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DCI 120-24

Fitted to ready to run

or Supplied with kit.

5"g Jupiter 2, 3, 4

5"g Class 67

5"g Class 66

7.25"g Jupiter 2, 3, 4

7.25" Class 67

7.25"g Class 66 (4 motor)

And ALL Saturn locos

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DCI 250-24

Fitted to ready to run

or Supplied with kit.

7.25"g Class 66 (6 motor)




 The RL424V is a relay board for use with Mtroniks sound modules to control engine start/stop, two tone horns and head lights.


Fitted to ready to run

or supplied with kit.


All locomotives in our range.

We also fit 4QD to our locomotives.


Standard hand set


Pro-120 / 150 / 300

Relay board for lights & horns


Please phone for more information on our controllers.


We now supply all or any of the following.


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 The digiSOUND602 - Is a professional 2 x 50W sound module from Mtroniks for larger scale models that comes with the engine sound installed, the engine sound is stored on a user changeable microSD card. This allows the user to swap and change engine sounds with any of the engine sounds available from the Mtroniks Ltd. sound library.





 The  135.0mm diameter rolled rubber surround speaker is a 50 Watt RMS unit (8ohms),

The weight is 670.0g and is an ideal speaker for large models and scale loco installs. It has excellent bass frequency response which gives a truly lifelike sound to your model when coupled to one of the Mtroniks digiSOUND sound modules.





If fitted to ready to run, we include a

acoustic speaker cabinet.

Class 66 SDHC

Class 67 SDHC

Perkins SDHC

Other sound modules available from MTRONIKS: 01943 461482

If you are finding it difficult to obtain batteries in your local area,

We can have them ready for you,

When you collect your locomotive.


LSLC42-12 BATTERY (42 amp)

For use in 5" gauge Locomotives.

All our 5" gauge locomotives are 24v.

2 x batteries required.


197mm long x 165mm width x 170mm high



LSLC85-12 BATTERY (85 amp)

For use in 7.25" gauge Locomotives.

All our 7.25" gauge locomotives are 24v.

2 x batteries required.

There is room for 4 x batteries

in our class 66 & class 67


260mm long x 168mm width x 229mm high


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